SHARING (Self-organized Heterogeneous Advanced RadIo Networks Generation)

SHARING is a Celtic-Plus project :


Project ID: C2012-1/8     

Start Date: 1 December 2012      

Closure date: 28 February 2016 


The main goal of SHARING is to propose cost and power efficient high capacity broadband solutions by:

1. Enabling a flexible interference management concept in order to trigger spectral efficiency increase in future heterogeneous networks;
2. Introducing smart and innovative offloading strategies, as well as joint RRM (Radio Resource Management) solutions across Radio Access Technologies (RATs);
3. Proposing a novel integrated architecture incorporating: seamless Inter-RAT service continuity, machine type communications, device-to-device transmissions and efficient licensed /unlicensed spectrum usage.



 SHARING's scenarios of interest


SHARING will take-up the following challenges:
1. Quality everywhere for heterogeneous services;
2. Capacity enhancement in the context of mobile data traffic explosion; and
3. Cost and energy efficient network operation.

SHARING will improve user experience of LTE-A by enhancing:
1. Fairness and flexibility in Het-Nets (Heterogeneous Networks);
2. Friendly co-existence of multi-layer multi-RAT HetNets; and
3. Spectral efficiency for the benefit of the less favored users.


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